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I specialize in complete small business solutions. I focus on creative projects for teams, Squarespace solutions, Shopify work, and complete branding packages.

Featured: Aviary Beauty

Featured: Aviary Beauty

Site + Strategy Design

Don’t settle for quick design work. An investment into strategy and the complete package will take your project miles and set you up for complete success. My process includes robust client homework and a strategy session up front, so your Squarespace or Website Design is more than just design, but a complete reflection of your business goals and aesthetic.

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Starting a new business, and need complete strategy? I’ve got you covered with top to bottom solutions.


Featured Project: Modern Mystic Packaging

I have the pleasure of working with Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic on her packaging designs. This has spanned skincare, essential oils, ritual kits, and more. Her Modern Mystic Shop line has her featured products and are



I design websites - and not only sites for Squarespace. Modern Mystic is my biggest brand and most comprehensive client to date. I designed the initial logo in partnership with the owner Kelley Knight, and then have supported her growth through designing the ecommerce site in Shopify.



Olivia, Designer & Thinker

I’m based in Atlanta, GA and have a passion for critical thinking and the true power of design. I can be found hanging out around various coffee shops in Atlanta, strategizing and working with small businesses on how to achieve their dreams.

Fun SEO fact: my “about” page is consistently either the 2nd or 3rd most looked at page on my website, over my portfolio. I believe this is because my homepage is enough to show my scope of work - but that’s just a theory. I love working on strategy, research, and putting a lot of thought behind everything I do.

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