Design Questions I Ask Every Client - WORKBOOK FREEBIE

I love freebies! I love downloading a fresh workbook, getting my most colorful pen, and going to town.

I’ve made a workbook out of my logo questionnaire that I ask every single client. I don’t want to put it in shop form or even require your email for download - I really just want everyone thinking critically about their brands.

But hey, if you want to give me your email so we can stay in touch, I wouldn’t mind that either!

Here’s a sampling of the questions and my answers:

Why should people care about your brand?

Because I’m here to help. I’m here to work with you and not for you. I’m a small businesses focused outfit because I am a small business. I feel best when I see my clients succeed, when they work as hard as I do, and when they get passionate about the process as well as the end result.

If your brand was a fictional character who would it be?

This was the hardest question for me! I always make my clients answer this question, and never have answered it myself. After a lot of thinking on it, I am going to say my brand is Ann Perkins from Parks & Recreation. She’s good at her job, supportive to her best friend Leslie Knope (in my case, my clients), a bit more shy / subdued, pairs well with extroverts, and is overall passionate.

What’s another brand you admire and why?

I love certain subscription services like MeUndies and BlueApron. They never make me feel like the world will end if I don’t get a box. They just tell me their advantages and let me know upfront what their pricing is - and why they believe in quality. I also love The Vulture - it’s my favorite media entertainment site, because it puts content first and the ads aren’t horrific.


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