strategy-focused design in atlanta, ga

Previously O+CO (Olivia Design + Co), I’m now focusing on showcasing my personal portfolio and identity as a designer. View samples of my work. Read some of my thoughts. Learn more about me.


Strategy & Design

Don’t settle for quick design work. An investment into strategy and the complete package will take your project miles. Right now, I’m taking on clients who are ready to embark on a complete brand and site journey with me, from strategy call to the implementation, the cherry on top.



Custom Design


Needing a brand + Squarespace Site?

Now Limiting Squarespace Design Spots.

I’m only taking on one Squarespace site per month. You read that right. Book now to reserve your spot, or read about why I’m doing this.


Here’s who I am.

Fun SEO fact: my “about” page is consistently either the 2nd or 3rd most looked at page on my website, even over my portfolio.

I believe this is because my homepage is enough to show my scope of work - but that’s just a theory. I love working on strategy, research, and putting a lot of thought behind everything I do.

Portait by Edward Fieder

If you’ve come this far, why not go a bit farther?

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