Revisions Policy

I love launching new Squarespace sites. It’s one of my passions, to dig into a brand new site and to help a new company come to life! However, to date I’ve launched over 100 sites, and that doesn’t include the custom design work I do on Shopify, or any logos, infographics, and other design projects. I’ve been a designer for 5+ years, and while that’s something I’m extremely proud of, it also means I don’t have the capacity to make complimentary edits for all of my clients.

To help everyone, I’ve rolled out a new revision policy that I hope feels fair to all of my clients!

“Quick Fix”

$25 (via Venmo: @olivia-h-lopez)

I’ll make changes based on a task list you give me via email. This usually can cover 2-5 tasks, depending on complexity. This is a good fit if you want a quick fix on something that won’t recur.

Consultation - “Teach a Man to Fish”

$100 / hr - virtual screenshare or in-person session

A website should be a living, breathing thing. I hope that all my clients are constantly logging into their sites to add blogs, check their analytics, and update their offerings. This means that if you’re not tech savvy, you might want to invest in learning how to edit! This is a one-hour consultation session where I will teach you how to do the items you’re seeking to learn!