UX / UI / Product

Strategy and user experience are the essential elements of a successful project.

When I’m not working with my clients on branding or Squarespace strategy, I partner with companies and agencies to work on UX projects. This has included app design, dashboard design, and software design. I assist from the UX / researching stage all the way through integrating UI into the experience.

Please reach out for specific samples or demos of my work.

The nature of UX work means I’m often working on private or account-access-only work.


 One of my largest projects to date, I worked with produce procurement company PRO*ACT alongside development company Army of Bees to create The Greenhouse, a project management system customized to their needs. This included over 50 screens, and was extensive from wireframe to UI to design.


I was approached by VictoryRituals who produce the app 19 Minute Yoga. They were seeking a refresh of their app, and needed a complete overhaul, including a UX Review, wireframing, user research, and then UI. We revamped the brand and provided a fresh look.


Due to privacy, I cannot reveal the company name, but this dashboard was a unique UX challenge due to the amount of information and chart building that needed to be done. This is a web application used by companies to monitor travel within their scopes. The dashboard came out beautifully, and very efficient to understand.



Creative Projects