Site Audit / UX Review

For FinTech, larger companies, or apps – a site audit is a general review of your design and strategy. The review is a document include tons of research, suggested flows, changes, and always at least one wireframe. Consider it a roadmap and complete strategy guide.

50% of the cost of the review will go toward a package when moving forward with design with me. Or, you can take the review to another team. It’s yours.


  • A complete look at your site. I’ll check out all visible pages and how they work together. This includes links, site map, and all content.

  • Competitive research analysis. Your competitors have language, graphics, and marketing that could inspire and influence your site. I’ll do some digging to see how they’re tackling the problems you’re all solving.

  • Research backing up my suggestions. UX research is always changing, so I’ll make sure that I back up any and all my suggestions in the review with articles from trusted sources.

  • At least one wireframe. Sometimes thoughts are just better shown and not told. Whether it’s your homepage, a tricky services page, or even a new product page, all reviews come with a wireframe that serves as a roadmap.

Investment: $500

($250 will be applied to your project if you decide to move forward with design)



Why should I think about getting my site reviewed?

Site audits aren’t great for small businesses who would be better suited to dive right into a site design, but are great tools for larger scale companies who are seeking to untangle or clarify their offerings. Site reviews are especially good for sites that have been around a while, and have collected a large amount of pages that have lost focus and organization.

You might also be hesitant to commit to a full redesign without first understanding how you might navigate the strategy or what you can use out of existing work. A site review can help solution all the sticky pain points in

I would love to review your site!